Answers to questons

I’d like to add an event

If you are in an R-Govy group, such as the Inter-agency R Users Group, contact the group organizers to find out who posts events to that calendar. Both public events and events limited to your R-Govy group can be posted. Only members will see the latter.

If you are not part of an R-Govy group and want to add an event, send an email.

I am not seeing events that I think I should

To see calendar events that are specific to a particular R-Govy group, you need to be added to that groups’ calendar (or on the guest list). Some events are only for certain groups (not open to the public). Do you normally see the groups’ events, just not here? Make sure you are logging into the Google account where you normally see the events. Use the link above the embedded calendar on the events page. Chrome seems to recognize the Google account that you are logged into but other browsers don’t.

Do you want to be added to a specific R-Govy group so you can see events? Contact the R-Govy group that you want to join. Where do I find that? Ask R users in your agency or you can send an email and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

What R User groups post events here?

9/23/2021 The following calendars are here: